Custom paint masks for scale models.

It has been a long time since I actually updated this site and then when I came to it I had forgotten my log in details and couldn't recover them because the email address that I used is long gone. However I have today got my log in details right so I am going to try and use this more for what it was intended to be for. It might be a while before I am actually able to get around to updating this as I am getting ready for the IPMS Scale Modelworld show in Telford in November where I have a trade stand. So if you are going to the show do look me up and say hi.

For any mask related stuff contact me at miraclemasks@hotmail.co.uk

To see the sort of thing that I am up to at the moment visit my Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/miraclemasks?ref=hl

I recently produced masks for Jereon Veen to apply to the new Wingscale 1/32 B-25, which you may have seen via interviews during the Nuremburg Toy Fair. Here are a few pictures.

So if you require any masks please contact me via my e mail address miraclemasks@hotmail.co.uk


  • Miracle Paint Masks are here to help with that special project.   
  • I may or may not be able to produce what you require but if you don't ask niether of us will know.
  • One off codes are not a problem and I will supply several so that you have plenty of chances to get it right.
  • I am in the process of re-organising the way I present the masks so if you don't see what you want then please ask.
  • I originally concentrated on RAF markings because I know them best but I can, with the correct information, produce almost anything. I have to date produced RAF, USAF, SAAF, Luftwaffe, Japanese, Civilain and "special" markings. If you require markings, for anything, then please ask. I recently produced masks for rail carriages used on a garden railway, and I have been trilling the masks over "zimmerit" for armour modellers, with success, so the masks are not restricted to aircraft.
  • I will be ubdating the gallery with models finished using the masks so stay tuned. (although it does take a while for me to get around to editing this site)
  • The process does have it's limitations but if you are in doubt just ask. Use the forum or e-mail see the side banner.
  • Above all remember that if you don't ask me we won't know if I can produce what you want.


The "GE-D" codes for this 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk XVI were produced with reference to the decal sheet. They are 21" with a broader brush stroke than the standard RAF codes. The Upperwing type "C" roundels are the correct 56", the decal was actually the wrong size and was somewhere between 49" and 53". That is another advantage of using Miracle Masks, you can make sure that you get the correct size and colour for yor markings.

Welcome to the home of Miracle Paint Masks.


I will be having a trade stand at the IPMS Scale Modelworld show in theTelford international centre over the week end 12th-13th November 2011

If you wish to have a set of masks cut for a specific project then please contact me.

Either on the forum here http://www.freewebs.com/miraclemasks/forum.htm

or via my e-mail miraclemasks@hotmail.co.uk



Supermarine Spitfire Mk XVIe, Markings painted using Miracle Masks.


The masking material is only 80 microns thick and is specifically designed for masking. It is also semi transparent which is a valuable aid when positioning the masks. If cut from low tack vinyl you would not be able to see the position that you want to apply the masks to on the model. Because masking and painting markings onto models is totally new to 99% of modellers there are very comprehensive instructions included with every set. These instructions are not generic and are actually written with the novice user in mind. The model above was my very first attempt at using masks and it was so easy, if a little scary, which is why I am offering the masks to the modelling community at large. Don't wait for me to produce the markings that you want. Contact me, either on the forum here (see the side bar) or via email  miraclemasks@hotmail.co.uk , and tell me what you want.

I am currently working on Luftwaffe WWII insignia and codes/numbers and will be producing US insignia and codes/numbers after that. I will, eventually produce a series for all major combatants of WWII. If there are any particular insignia or codes that you would like to see produced or have produced, for a project, then please contact me. I also intend to do WWI aircraft and I'm looking at the possibility of producing masks for lozenge fabric.

As an Aircraft modeller I have been concentrating on aircraft but I am willing and able to produce paint mask for all types of modelling. Just ask me for what you require and I will see about producing it. I have done very limited trials on using the masks over zimmerite and initial results are encouraging.

The masks are not "di-cut" and so therefore I just have to draw the relevant design. The trick with this type of masks lies in the design of any overlapping areas and this is what takes the time, apart from research, of course. So, if you want any design made into a mask, then the more reference material that you can provide me with the less time I have to spend researching the subject and the cheaper the finished article will be. If what you require is likely to be popular then this may offset the cost to you.

I am here to help, I am a modeller myself, and so ask me for what you want and I will try and produce it.




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